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Monday, June 27, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday-Two Great Sites

Two-fer Tuesdays is back!!!


Okay let's jump right in. Today I thought it would be fun to share two great websites with you, these sites are super fun, and they will be a life saver to you this Summer!

The first site is one that I found to be a great tool to keep my kids sharp during the Summer months when they are off of school while also buying me a little time to get some work done.
This site is offers free printable worksheets for each subject and grade level from Preschool to Sixth Grade, and best of all they are FREE! (you may cheer now for free, b/c who doesn't cheer for free?)

My second Summer-saving site is perfect for when you want to switch gears and put on your crafting hat. I always like to incorporate a little craft time in with my kids...(I'm hoping to inspire the next generation of craft bloggers)
This site offers a wide array of crafting ideas do keep those little hands busy this Summer. You can choose activities by subject, grade level, or theme, and you can stop holding your breath because these are also FREE!!

YAY! Too Much Fun!

If you haven't already (shame on you) you should rush over and find yourself some lovely activities to do with your own little monkey's this Summer!! You know, for when it's just too hot (not possible if you ask me) outside, or it's inside, calm down, mommy needs a minute time (we all have those moments...right?)

: Hold on to your hats folks it's a doozy...

I will also be starting a new feature Crafty Kids Corner where once a week I will share activities and ideas for crafty fun with your little ones, so be looking out for that.

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