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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playing Hookie-Watermelon Beanie

I'm Playing a little hookie today!

Some of you, (my Facebook buddies w/benefits) have already seen my latest hookie project, but I wanted to share it with those of you that maybe haven't seen it yet.

So I'm working on a few projects that have more of a Spring/Summer vibe, which is nice since it is technically Spring here in Utah although I'm not sure that Mother Nature's gotten that memo. 40's today at the kids soccer games...40's! It drives me crazy because I talk to my Mom who's in good ole Texas and I'm hearing rumors of 90's! I'm so stinking jealous!!!

One of my warm weather inspired projects was to create this Watermelon inspired beanie for LilliBean who informed me the other day that "it would be just so awesome if she had a beanie that looked like a Watermelon or a Bee..." (you've got to picture this conversation with her little hands going...she's a major hands talker.)

At the same time I was thinking how I was super pumped that Watermelon season was getting closer...
(who doesn't love a good juicy watermelon?)

what can I say it all just clicked and I ran with it....

I gathered up all my yarn goodies
Watermelon Sparkle yarn, Black, White, Lime Green and Hunter Green yarn and my trusty H hook packed them all up in my yarn basket (yea I have a yarn basket...what of it?), and headed off to the Bean's dance class.

About an hour later this is what I had
Not bad huh?

This will be in the store soon, but feel free to email me if you want more info.

Happy Hookin!

Watermelon pic courtesy of google images.
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Organization Station-The Plan (Phase 1)-Living Room Update

Wow okay so it's been over a month now that I started my Living Room Re-Organization otherwise known as "THE PLAN",
and took my Living Room Chaos from this
to this...
(Do you hear the angels singing?)

First off let me say that I am one happy lady these days!!!

I was able with relatively little cost and fairly simple solutions to transform this room from a chaotic mess to a more functional, organized space (which we all know that I LOVE).

Here's the low down on my attack of this room.

1. First off, we started with a de-clutter of the room. We took out all the unnecessary items that really served no function for the room anymore (i.e. general mess, baby swing, baby bouncer, storage bins, treadmill...). This was great and it freed up a lot of space to play with and took the space from this...
to this...
(I know we just saw it but I LOVE seeing it again and again)

2. In our next move, we did a shuffle of the layout of the room. It was too random and hodge podge so we rearranged the key pieces in the room to create more functional zones which serve the flow and functionality of the room much better (i.e, moved the piano, desk, baby gear...).
So this area from before
was streamlined to become our entertainment zone here
This general cluttered mess
then became this baby zone/organized clean space
(It even came complete with a baby in the baby zone)
We took this mess of a space...
(Remember my craft/office space?)

and this untapped plethora of space
freed it up to become this
and transformed it to become our new office/craft zone here
We already had a two of these storage drawer sets, but purchased one more and they are now the new happy home to all my crafting and office supplies. I LOVE this space! It's quaint, but cozy. I'm still in the midst of everything but I'm somewhat separated to my own little crafty corner. I've got my clipboards to keep me organized, as well as my hanging organizer above the desk. I've got hooks to hold all my sewing projects (yea you read that one right), right now they've got the aprons from the store, and I've got a place to hold my crochet projects in process/manikin heads.
Ground has finally broken on my dream organization unit (Hallelujah)
(I'm told that the pieces are cut and ready for assembly...I'm exstatic and anxious to say the least).

Really the only thing this space is missing for me (besides the dream unit) is some pizazz! I need a little color, a little decor or something to keep me happy in my little corner, oh and a clock! I'm got some ideas in the works for a few projects, so be on the look out for those.

Our last zone took this hot mess
and turned it into this new Family Business Zone
(Ignore the Easter baskets, and folded laundry...)
I moved that piano solo mio! Seriously! No wheels...I'm not kidding! I'm like an ant.
I like the piano over here now it gives me space for all that family business. So we've got our family calendar, family rules, FHE board, and behavior chart all in one glorious spot!

3. Our third move was to bring in some additional pieces to bring in organization and functionality to the room (here's where some cost comes into play).

We made a trip to our storage unit and pulled out one of our end tables, so not only is our coffee table happy to be reunited with its little buddy but we are also happy to have more storage and an extra place to set our glass when we're watching TV.
We also decided to bring in this storage bench (which I've been coveting at Target) which allowed me to hide all the winter gear (because the beanies, you know there are a lot were literally taking over the house) and baby toys in one inconspicuous, functional, spot. My favorite part is that the bins nicely hide the chaos inside of them and no one will ever have to see it! The cushioned bench on top besides adding additional seating in our limited space, has also become a nice little spot for shoe tying.
This piece was really only one of three pieces that we purchased for this room, and at $60.00 (well worth it) was our most expensive purchase. I LOVE it, although I'm thinking I see a future project in the form of a cushion revamp coming soon.

Our other purchase and the sole reason for this update post taking SO long (the piece was lost in transport for a while), was this coat rack, also a Target find.
I wanted a coat rack because our apartment while having awesome storage space lacks a coat closet. Being a winter fearing family of 6 coat wearing people, coat storage was in need. In our old system
We had a make shift coat rack a.k.a. treadmill, but I thought it was time for an upgrade. I actually searched for a while to find a coat rack at a decent price that had hangers not only at the top but also down at the kids level. A fairly simple request, yet one that I found to be an expensive feature to ask for. Luckily for the hubster (who I was going to recruit for a custom job) good old Target came through for me again (it always does, I'm not sure why I bother looking any where else). This little baby ended up setting us back $42.00 with tax and shipping...not bad...not bad at all.

4. Our last move was to bring in a few decoration pieces just to give it a little more of a homey touch. I didn't go all out or bring in too much, believe me I wanted to and I always have in any apartment we've lived in, but I didn't want to this time just because I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be in our new place (wherever that might be) SOON! We did a little, mostly brought in some Spring/Easter Decor. The few pieces we brought in really made the place feel more homey, but also brightened up the space by breaking up all the drab color that was going on.

So one last time here's the before
and here's the after!
All in all I've got to say that I'm super happy so far with the result! Our space is limited, and it's tight quarters, but with a few simple and relatively low cost solutions we managed to make the space a more functional space! But let's not forget the most important's so much better organized and if we've learned nothing else, we've learned this Mamma loves her some organization!

With everything having a place to go, the room stays a lot cleaner, (which is always good) and pick up is a lot smoother, and best of all, I finally feel free from all the clutter! I'm working so much better these days!!!

Total cost for this living room revamp =$122...One Happy Mama=Priceless!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday

YAY! It's Two-fer Tuesday!!!

Today I thought it would be fun to Share two of my favorite things with you!
Are you excited?

Probably not as excited as I am because well they are my favorite things after all!

But seriously get ready because you're in store for some special treats and there may or may not (there so totally is) a Bonus recipe in this post (and man it's a doozy)!!

Favorite thing #1: Anybody and Everybody who knows me at all knows that there is one thing that I am addicted to, one thing that my life revolves around (aside from my kids and the hubster of course). One thing that fuels my existence...


Oh I love me some Cherry Coke, or regular coke...but these day's it's cherry coke that's got my heart.

Okay first of all it's amazingly tasty I mean come on!

Second have you seen the can...IT'S PINK!

I love it's smooth and soothing deliciousness, especially after a hard day! I try to reserve myself to having just one a day, sometimes (after one of those days) I'll have two to calm my nerves, but man it never fails to take me to my happy place.
I'm having one right now as I write this and I gotta say...I'm one happy blog writing gal!

Favorite thing #2: Scotcheroos!

Okay if you haven't had a Scotcheroo...SHAME ON YOU!
Click the fantastically delicious link and make yourself up a batch TODAY!
Probably one of my all time favorite TREATS!! They make me so very happy!
They are like Rice Krispy Treats but like a kagillion (yea I pulled that one out) times better! Hello they are literally covered in butterscotch chocolate!
Not only are they super delish, but they are also super easy to make and so very worth the extra work out you'll have to do after you eat the whole plate!

Disclaimer: Do Not eat the entire plate in one WILL get a tummy ache.
(Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Well my friends, there you have it...I'm a simple girl from Texas...the way to my heart is relatively easy...a Cherry Coke and a Scotcheroo and I'm putty in your hands!

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Winner Winner What's For Dinner

The life of a busy mom I tell ya!

Here is our menu for the week.
It's a little late because yea it's only Monday night but it's already one of those kind of weeks.

Monday: Pizza (NO your eyes do not deceive you it really is Monday!!)

Tuesday: Broccoli and Garlic Penne Pasta, Garlic Bread, Salad
Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Rice and Caramelized Green Beans
Thursday: Fajitas, Rice, Black Beans

Friday:Gone for Family Day we are hitting the Motor Cross!!

Saturday/Sunday: Reserve/Leftovers/Family Visits/Eat Out

Wishing you all a happy week and happy cooking!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silhouette Adventures-Soccer Mom

It's official! I am a SOCCER MOM!

With 3 of my 4 little monkeys playing soccer this Spring I am fully engulfed in the soccer mom way of life! I am pretty much living out of my car at this point (at least Tuesdays & Thursdays), and for the most part I'm LOVING it! If I could only find a way to equip my car with a fridge stocked with cherry cokes I'd be in heaven!!
I come from a soccer loving, soccer playing, soccer watching family, and I've been waiting for this day since my first baby was born!! There was a time growing up when I think almost all 5 of my siblings and I were playing soccer at the same time (give or take one or two) Momma was the ultimate Soccer Mom...she's forever my HERO! We LIVED at the soccer fields and I don't know how she did it with all the practices and games...I'm saying she's amazing!

I decided that since I'm full out embracing the "Soccer Mom" thing because who are we kidding it's AWESOME that it was time to properly outfit the minivan...aka the green monster as the true Soccer Mobile that it is!

So, naturally I busted out the Silhouette and my vinyl and got to work!

The Silhouette store being one of the awesomest places ever of course already had a soccer ball shape with the words Soccer Mom, which I slightly tweaked to fit my fancy and I ended up with this bad boy.
And because that wasn't enough to fit my crafty mood I went back to the Silhouette store and found myself some awesome stick people decals (which I've been coveting on other people's cars...too cute!) and check us out as a happy, soccer stick figure family!
Ha ha...LOVING IT!
So here's the Green Monster Before:
And here's the Soccer Mobile After:
An improvement I'd say!
I got these bad boys on the van today just as we were heading out to soccer, so ya you better believe we got to the games in style!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday-Two Confessions

I've got a confession, well two confessions to be exact.

It almost hurts me to say them out loud, or rather to write them out publicly, but in the spirit of sharing here goes...

1. I can not sew...I know, I know it's shocking, it shocks me to this day, but yes it sadly is true...I can not sew to save my life! (I'm so ashamed).
(This is Sew Zone!)

This is a fact that is extraordinarily pathetic since:

A. I have a crafting blog

B. I have a Mother who is a Master Sewer! (AMAZINGLY good...Really!!)
C. My boyfriend in high school was a magnificent sewer as well who often sewed me up some wonderful presents and on occasion tried to give me a lesson or two of which I was having none of due to the fact that...

Confession #2: I am stubborn as a MULE!!
(Yep that's me!)

Just call me "G...the amazingly Stubborn Mule" I'll probably turn around...(I might have a tear in my eye but only because I know it's true).

Turns out I don't like to do things that I don't already know how to do (weird thought), if it doesn't come naturally to me I want no part of it...I'm stubborn that way. That aside I have a MAJOR problem learning from other people in general because my mind is a crazy place (my learning process is weird) and when people try to explain things to me and I can't wrap my head around it on the first go around (I'm also impatient), my frustration gets the better of me and I'm done. (did I mention I'm not perfect??)

I'm a learner, I love to learn and I love to teach (my dream), I've always come to school easily, never had a problem taking direction from my teachers (for the most part) most likely because most teachers try to incorporate a variety of learning styles into they way they teach (the mark of a great teacher in my book).

My stubbornness in learning comes in to play when I'm trying to learn something from someone (usually super close to me i.e. my mom or hubby) who doesn't teach to me the way my mind works and being an amazingly stubborn mule I give up before they can teach me.

My stubbornness is double sided however. On one side I'm too stubborn to learn from others, but on the other side I'm too stubborn to not learn it at all. Too stubborn to let anything get the better of me! That is how I came to realize that I like to self learn!

I know the way around the crazy maze in my head better than anyone else so for me independent study is the way to go!! It's served me well indeed! It earned me 2 minors in college, most of my bachelors and is currently the road in which I am pursuing my Master's degree. It's how I learned most of my crocheting and other various crafting skills (minus sewing), how I learned blog and website design, cooking and baking, and other various skills.

And it is how I plan to tackle SEWING!!
(minus the 1000 calls to my mommy)

Truth be told I can sew a straight line...if it's a short straight line. I have sewn a pillow or two in my day, and I did try my hand at some burp cloths a while back, but that is the extend of my sewing prowess.

I resolved to learn a while back, I was going to teach myself (being that I'm a stubborn mule incapable of learning from others)...I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I was all ready to make it happen...

Instead I got preggers and moved half way across the country. And as these things often go, life got crazy with three little ones under 3 and I never really found the time.

Then of course when I am finally ready to get it done...My sewing machine was stolen in what I'm now referring to as the "Great Summer Caper of 2010." (It's now earned the title "Great Caper" because still to this day I am realizing more and more things that were stolen feels like being robbed over and over fun!)

Luckily for me, I have a great Mother in law with a fairly new sewing machine and no reason to sew...I have for now inherited it as my own until I can get a new one.

Luckily for me and you all, (I fought it there I wanted to say y'all but I didn't),I have a wonderful mother who would do anything for me...including sewing up wonderful goodies for my shop and then shipping them to me all the way from Texas (with love of course).

It's happening's been long enough...the shame ends today!

I even found myself a mantra for when I start to get amazingly stubborn...
I'm thinking I need to print this out and have it next to me as I begin my sewing adventure!

Does anyone have a good book they could recommend to teach me the basics? Small projects I could start out with?? I'd love to hear from you fabulous sewers out there??

So yea that's a little bit more about me...hopefully I haven't scared you off...

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We're Going Digital-Family Rules

Okay Folks WE ARE GOING DIGITAL...Finally!
Don't be alarmed....I just mean that this post is digitally related!

Check out my latest Digital Project!

Are all of you engulfed in the Digital Scrapbooking craze?
I have to admit that I'm a little bit of a latecomer to this phase...I'm a traditional scrapbooker at heart and I have to confess that I was intimidated by the digital aspect of it all.
I am not by any means a computer whiz and I also like to be able to touch and smell what I'm working on (is that weird? It's the smell part that was weird huh?) So "going digital" was a little hard for me to wrap my head around.
I did finally give in though when I came across some pretty cool projects that I wanted to make my own so I talked the hubby into buying me the software (I can be very persuasive and the hubby is a major pushover!)

It took a little getting used to and a few tutorials to figure out what I was doing, but I LOVE it! I haven't done any real major scrapbooking as of yet, but I've used my digi scrap software a ton to create many different projects around our house! It is fantastic!

My latest project the Family Rules is just one of those projects that can be found in our house.
It seemed to be the case as of late that the "rules" had been forgotten and chaos was ruling all!
The hubs and I finally had enough.

We often like to gear our Family Home Evenings at the beginning of the month toward a value or lesson we feel our home needs. Often those revolve around issues we feel the kids need to learn or be reminded of. In this case we decided to gear it toward Family which encompassed respect, the family unit and each members role to making a happy home...honoring their Mother and Father and all that good stuff.

As part of the lesson we went over Our Family Rules and what each one meant, as well as the consequences and rewards that went with them. To make it easy I made a Family Rules visual aid, had it printed and laminated and displayed where the kids can see it and I can remind them often what those rules and expectations are.
It's actually been quite helpful for me to point to the rules (which is conveniently located next to their behavior chart and timeout spot) and remind them of those rules when they get a little too mischievous.
They actually like to remind each other of those rules quite often. Usually one likes to remind the other as they are breaking a rule, and usually that reminding comes loud and when mommy is in earshot....(Kids will be kids I guess).

Any who, I like to share so I thought I would!
You should, if I haven't totally messed this up, (which would be surprising) be able to click on the Family Rules Picture, download, print and laminate your own copy!

These are Rules that pertained to our house, but yours may be different, so it may not work for your home (If I could I would customize each of you one of your very own...but that might be crazy). Number 5 is my favorite one (of course) and number 9 I wish didn't have to be a rule but seems to be an issue in our house sometimes (besides potty training issues, my boys seem to think that outside is nature's bathroom). But if it does work for you download away baby!!

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