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Helping Hand

"We need as individuals, to reach down and extend a helping hand without notice, without thanks, without expectation of anything in return, to give of that with which the Lord has so generously blessed us" 
(Gordon B. Hinckley)

This is the spot where I'll be showcasing some great charity opportunities that I have come across or that I am involved with that you can be involved with too. I also occasionally will be showcasing Individuals or Families that I feel need a Helping Hand such as the Family Below:

I have known the Edward Family for about 3 years, Robin and Christopher and their 3 children are a wonderful family grounded in their spirituality, love, and deep desire to grow their family by adopting a baby. Robin and Chris have been married for 8 wonderful years and coming from big families they always dreamed of having a big family of their own. Their dream hit a roadblock a few years ago when Robin was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the startling young age of 26. Living through Cancer taught them a lot about love, life, Spirituality, and Family. Once Treatment was complete and Robin had successfully kicked Cancer's butt their Family turned again to their great desire to have more children. Cancer may have taken their ability to have another biological child on their own, but it in now way took their desire to bring another child into their family and into their hearts!  They are now in the process of trying to adopt, and I could not think of a more wonderful, loving family! Take it away Edwards Family:
"We have been married almost 8 happy years. We both received bachelors degrees after we were married. Christopher in Spanish and Robin in Political Science. Christopher works as a 3rd grade teacher in an inner-city school where he gets to use his language on a daily basis. Robin is a stay-at-home mom who works to raise righteous, happy, well-rounded children. We have three wonderful children, Isabelle-7, Jack-5, and Eva-3. They are the bright spots in our lives.

Isabelle is so well behaved and trustworthy. She is an ideal sister. She watches out for the others and tries to protect them, maybe a little too much sometimes. She is a lot like her mom in spirit. She's a born athlete, I think she would have run a 5K the day she was born if her legs would have cooperated.

Jack is lively and joyous. He makes everyone laugh but he's shy when people are watching him. He LOVES babies. He is so protective of women and girls. If a girl gets hurt on the playground he will run over and help her up, and hug her until she feels better. Nature makes him happy. Dirt, worms, stars, trees, etc. He collects sticks and rocks everywhere we go. He loves cars and sports as well.

Eva is funny and unpredictable. She's the kind of person who makes the best out of everything. She loves Jack. She would follow him over a cliff if he jumped. She sings and dances and draws all the time. She loves to smile and make others smile. She tells the funniest little jokes and does such funny things just to make us smile.

We have a HUGE extended family that lives all over the country. We love to get together with them and do so as often as possible. There are 14 cousins with more already on the way, the oldest of which is only 8.
We find so much joy in serving the Lord. We work hard in church responsibilities and find as many other opportunites to serve as possible. We have been blessed too many times to count and want so much to be a blessing to others in return.

Robin is a breast cancer survivor and we all learned so much about ourselves during that experience. One of the most important things we learned is that the Lord loves us individually, he knows us and he has a plan for us. We can endure so much more than we think we can when we yoke ourselves to the Savior. He has a plan for you, too. I know he does. He wants you to be happy and find the everlasting joy that only he can bring you.

After treatment we considered the possiblity that our family was done growing, but it just didn't feel right. We are here because we know that there is a little soul that belongs in our family, waiting for us, and we are waiting for him/her. Only you can know if this is where your child belongs and we belive that you will know when it is right. That doesn't mean that it will be easy to place your child in the arms of another family, it won't be. But nothing is too much for the Lord. You will find peace and joy in your decision when you have counseled with the Lord and made the choice with him.

We are so looking forward to this experience. We plan to let our birthparents decide much about how much contact they have with us after placement. Modern technology is amazing, blogs and email, are simple and fun ways to keep in touch. If our child ever wants to meet them, I hope they will be open to the idea. I also hope that they will be able to see the child growing in our family and know that they are home.
There are so many examples of adoption in the scriptures that it is obvious that this is part of His plan. The Savior himself was adopted by Joseph. Joseph taught him all that he knew, that is how we know that Joseph considered the child his own, just as we will.

We are so grateful to you for considering us. You can learn more about us through our blog. We would love to have you visit and leave comments. We are truly a happy family and would love to include your child in our lives."{

Much Love,
Christopher and Robin
Please visit our blog, our adoption profile or email us.

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