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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally a Post!

Okay, the website is done and so it is about time I get going and make this Blog actually become a Blog!

I've done a lot of thinking and have come to the conclusion that I will link this Blog to my Website but this Blog will be primarily a place for me to post my adventures in "Crafty Land." Occasionally you may be subject to my "shop talk" and I will sometimes mention that some of my crafty creations can be found in my store...but I'll try to keep the boring business talk to a minimum. Business is doing pretty good, and I'm pretty happy at the new exciting things on the Horizon for the My LilliBean shop! Visit the store often as new products are being added all the time! Okay that's about enough of that...on to "Crafty Land..."

Okay so I sat down and sort of wrote out a list of the projects that I want to do, and the sort of crafty adventures that I'm looking to have...and I'm pretty excited about what I have in store for myself! I made a list of the 10 categories that most of my posts will fall under...for now, (expanding I'm hoping will happen sometime down the road as I find that my thirst for adventure is calling me again.) So here are the adventures that I will be undertaking for the time being:

1. Winner Winner What's For Dinner?
2. Two-fer Tuesdays
3. It's Getting Kinda Hairy
4. The Organization Station
5. Silhouette Adventures
6. Playing Hookie
7. It's Going Sew-So
8. We're Gong Digital...
9. Let's Get Homey
10.Check Out The Cool Kids

Ha ha yes super Cheesy. I will expound on these all in later Posts and you should brace yourselves to start seeing these Posts make an appearance (crossing my fingers) this week! I am SO excited!

I do have to say that after 9 years a day that I never thought I would live to see has finally arrived! Yes it is a day that will live in infamy...I not only embraced, but also appreciated the full Cheesiness that is my Husband, aka the Cheesiest Man Alive! Thanks baby!

Oh and if you have any fun ideas for the renaming of any of the categories or even a new category itself...let me know! :)

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