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Monday, February 28, 2011

Winner Winner What's for Dinner?

Yay my first official post!! Excuse me while I take a moment to celebrate the day that I thought would never come! (Picture a happy dance...a Zumba-ish type of dance because that's as far as my knowledge of dance goes) So I'm excited to show you a little bit of my crazy list and chart filled world...

Generally speaking, I have a everything written down on some sort of list, chart or calendar! I'm a sucker for organization and I've never me a notebook or list that I didn't love! With that being said I also have almost everything scheduled out. I have certain things I do on certain days and a general schedule for each day (doesn't my house sound like a BLAST). With four kids under 5, school and 4 Jobs on top of being a SAHM, I don't think we would function without them! I call them the glue of our family.

Mondays are generally my busy day. Among other chores, I update all of our family calendars, balance the checkbook, pay bills for the week, and write out all of my of which is the lunch/dinner menus and grocery shopping list. I typically like to schedule our meals two weeks at a time and I've got a nifty little system that I'll show you another time. I thought since I'm writing out my menus on Monday's anyways I'd go ahead and share them. I know that I'm always on the look out for new dinner ideas, so if this helps you think of something new then yay! I'll try to link the recipes that I have, and I'm working on having a recipe page...eventually. If I don't link something that you think you want the recipe too, then let me know and I'll try and post it for you.

So here is our Menu for this week:

Monday: Melt in Your Mouth Meatloaf, green beans and Onion Potatoes

Tuesday: Eating Out (family day and we'll be out till late)

Wednesday: Sausage Rigatoni and Salad

Thursday: Chicken Fajitas, Spanish Rice and Corn

Friday: (Friday is ALWAYS Pizza day) Papa Murphy's Pizza

Saturday and Sunday: My day off...I do not cook on the weekend...a nifty little trick I picked up from my Mom. Usually the weekend we polish off any left overs worth eating, eat out, or else hit up the deep freezer for anything in the "frozen reserve."

Happy Cooking!

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