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Monday, February 28, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday-Two Great Deals

It's Two-fer Tuesday! Yay okay so my plan for these posts is to give you two cool.............

I'm going to fill in the blank with something ultra cool and you'll just have to wait and see what it just might be. It could be 2 great deals I've come across, 2 great finds or future projects, 2 great pictures, awesome blogs, cool get the picture...hmmm what will it be today??

Today is going to be: Two great Deals!

Our First Great Deal: want to be able to find your little one when he/she is on the move?? Check out these cute squeaky sandals!

I am LOVING the Hot Pink on these sandals!

And how cute are these for your little guy?

I LOVE these Sandals for my little ones, so much fun (and the squeakers can usually be taken in and out which is GREAT when you can't take the squeakiness anymore). Best Part is they are only $11.00 today!!!!

I LOVE Sophie's Chic boutique! (and no they are not a sponsor) They have the greatest finds for you and your baby and they feature a daily "Deal of the Day." Subscribe to get their emails and you'll always know when they have a new deal, or when they are having a sale! If you live in Utah they are local and you can forgo the shipping and just run up and pick them up Today!!

Our Second Great Deal comes from The Mini Social. The Mini Social is a great website that features great deals for everything from kids clothing, maternity wear, toys, bags... you name it.

Now I am a SUCKER for bags! Love bags in almost any form... and I've been known to pay more than I should for a good bag...So while I was perusing The Mini Social this morning guess how stoked I was to find these Amykathryn little beauties:

Love cute!

And this one...
And this one...
Too cute! I don't know how I'm going to choose!

Hurry over to these sites and check out these Great Deals for yourself! Happy Shopping!

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