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Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing Hookie-Dancer Leg Warmers

It has been such a busy week, more than once this week I've thought about starting a new crochet project, but haven't been able do it. Monday all I wanted to do was's been a while since I've been able to crochet something new and I'm definitely feeling the itch, but I couldn't get it to happen. Wednesday it hit me and I FINALLY got my inspiration for my new project. I dropped my daughter off at dance and me and the kids hit Hobby Lobby to stock up on supplies. I remembered that on our last visit to the craft store my daughter pointed out a fun new yarn and asked me to make her something fun with it, so naturally I picked it up and a few other fun items.

So what happened that kept me from crocheting on Wednesday? Well, as usual I got lost checking everything out and thinking of new fun things to create; I looked at my watch, realized I was late to pick up my daughter from dance, paid, rushed to the dance studio, (where I got the stink eye from the dance instructor for being 20, yes 20 minutes late), rushed to the car to find a text from my husband wanting to come home on his dinner break from work at 5, (an hour earlier than we normally have dinner , and in an hour from this point), rushed home, threw dinner together just as he walked in the door, fed the babies, washed the babies, did homework with the babies, jammies, brushed teeth, bed time stories, prayer and the whole bed time 9 when my Hubby finally came home from work...and relieved me from baby Gules who refused to sleep, I crashed early.

Thursday went about the same...don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mommy and Wife and most of what goes into that, it's just nice to get a little "Creative Time" in every now and then. It most definitely is a major stress reliever for me!

I was bound and determined that Friday was my day! I neglected all of my chores for the day, let the kids have a movie day and started Hookin!

So here were my supplies for today's Creative Adventure:
Yarn and an H and I hook!
The yarn is a super soft acrylic yarn that is part of the Red Heart Shimmer collection. If you look real close you can see that the yarn is spun with hot pink tinsel so it literally has a shimmer to it, Fun huh?? So with all my supplies ready to go and my daughter's new found love of dance (she just started her very 1st dance class...So adorable) as my inspiration I got to it.

About an hour and a half later, this is where my Creative Adventure took me...
To a true dancer staple...
A Pair of Super Fun ballet Leg Warmers! I'm hoping to get a picture of her at her next dance class, showing off her new shimmery leg warmers, and I still have one idea in mind to hopefully Play Hookie with tomorrow, (fingers crossed), which is also inspired by DANCE...but you'll have to check back to see that one!

All in all I am one happy girl to finally be able to Play a little Hookie and let my creative juices flow!

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