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Monday, May 23, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday-Two Random Thoughts

Two-fer Tuesday!

So today I have two random thoughts for you that have been rattling around my brain the last few days.

1. Why can I ask the hubs to take care of an errand for me over and over again to the point where I have to "lose my cool" (trust me it's not a pretty picture) for it to get done?
Yet I make one call to him to let him know our TV, a.k.a. his one true love (it's okay I made my piece with it a long time ago) is on the fritz and in 5 minutes (probably less actually) he's all of a sudden Johnny on the Spot and handling his business??

(It's more of a rhetorical question...sadly I know the answer to this one.)

2. For the first time the other day I heard someone (Marti Skold...Good Things Utah for you home-towners) refer to "Target" (yes, the glorious store) as the "Bullseye Boutique" (rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?)

WHY, I ask is this not catching on as fast as I would like it too?
...and for that matter what the heck ever happened to Bullseye the puppy?

Anyone out there have anything equally random floating around in their head or am I the only one slightly off kilter?

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