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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday-Two Favorite Deal Sites

Loving me some Two-fer Tuesday!

Almost as much as I love DEALS!
(see I love Deals!)
Today I decided to share with you guys two of my favorite deal sites, because as we know I'm a tad obsessed with Deal Sites...I can't get enough...who can though? They ROCK!

So I saw a report the other day on these deal sites, click here to see it.

If you're lazy like me, or in a hurry here's the low down on it:

Basically use common sense. If it's not something you need or in my case REALLY REALLY (yes you have to use "Really" twice) want, or something you think you could find cheaper else where- DON'T BUY IT!
Because nothing is worse than throwing money out the window...right??

So the first deal site I wanted to share is one of my all absolute FAVES! Almost daily I want to partake of their wonderful goodies, but I'll have you know that I do have some self control and I actually don't buy as often as I would like to...which is literally almost everyday!

I'm addicted to groopdealz and I'm working to hopefully be featured there soon! It's part of my world domination plan...(insert evil laugh for effect)

In all seriousness if you haven't already, check them out!! You too will become one of the many groopdealz addicts just like me!

Just to give you a taste, here are some of their latest deals that have been featured:
How flipping cute are these?
Ok...Have them...Love them!
Oh yea that's right...shameless plug or featured good deal? Ha! Both!!
This one I'm kicking myself for not to die for is this necklace?
So groopdealz right?

AWESOME...check it out!!

This second deal site I wanted to mention...for two reasons...
1. It's called Two-fer Tuesday so there has to be a Two to my One
2. It's simply TOO MUCH FUN!

Beyond the Rack...
Have you heard of it?
I only came across this site recently. I can't really remember how I came across it, but the awesome part is that I did and that it's super fun!
Beyond the Rack is great because they feature top brand names (you know those ones you read about celebs wearing, buying, using that you only dream about...well me anyways) and they feature them at steal prices...most of the time.
I have come across some products which at 50% off are still only a dream, but they do offer tons of great affordable (for normal people), deals on great name brand products. Like these for example:

Loving this Joan Vass striped tee for under$20
Or check out this Valentino tie for under $50
Come on who couldn't use these Dav boots (under $20) in their next rainstorm? Seriously are those not too cute?

Both these sites I absolutely love and frequently stalk on a daily basis!

Are you with me?

Check them out for yourself but beware that you may walk away with a lighter wallet, a happy heart and something new and pretty headed to your mailbox!

Happy Deal Hunting!

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