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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday- Two Great Sites

Today's Two-fer Tuesday is:

2 Great Websites!

I love website hopping, it's probably one of my all time favorite hobbies! I love stumbling on great sites, and get oh so giddy when I find great ideas, awesome products, or inspiration for future products of my own... I adore finding those fun little treasures or finding great ways to "organize or simplify my life" (isn't that the BEST??) And of course, yes occasionally I love to do a little online window shopping, but who doesn't??

So today I'm going to share two of those great little websites that I just happened to stumble upon.

The first is a website called Woo! Jr, it is a fun little site that is geared to kids, and is chalk full of great craft ideas, educational tools, activities for kids and even has awesome coloring pages. It's definitely one of my Go-To sites when I need to get a little work done, or when I need to calm the kids down after a busy, pent up energy kind of day (which is happening a lot since we are in a winter that just wont quit!)

Woo! Jr has a ton of fun things for the kids,

Like this fun St. Patrick's Day Maze,

Or this spring butterfly, math coloring sheet...

but occasionally I find a few gems for myself like this Angry Birds coloring page, which you better believe I am excited about!!

The second website that I want to mention is called Say Please. Say Please is such an adorable company with such a great message. They focus on the products that feature positive messages in a hip and humorous way through lunch box notes! Check out some of their super cute and adorable products:

I'm thinking my little man would love finding one of these little lunch note treasures next to his PB and Honey sandwich.
And how cute are these Holiday themed notes??

Have a girlfriend or coworker who needs a fun little little pick me up?

And I am loving these adorable lunch boxes to house all your loving lunch notes!
Say Please offers a variety of other great products and the best part is that Say Please also offers a few lunch note printables on their site!

You should run over to both of these great sites and check them out for yourselves!

And as always happy website hopping!
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