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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday- Two Confessions

Okay so I totally missed Two-fer Tuesday last week and I was's one of my favorite posts to do! So I am extra excited for This weeks Two-fer Tuesday!!!!!!!

I thought it would be fun since this is new blog and we are all getting to know each other, to have this weeks Two-fer be Two Confessions...da da da.

Don't get too excited, these confessions really just tell you a little bit about me, they are really nothing JUICY and frankly they're pretty lame...I'm pretty boring and doing this post really just reinforced that for me.

Here we go:
Confession #1: This one is kind of embarrassing, OR SUPER really depends on how you look at it. I lean more toward super awesome, while the hubster leans more toward embarrassing and sad. I will let you all be the judge.

This confession needs a little back story:

When I met my husband I was 18 and he was 21 and we were at college. I grew up being the only girl with 5 brothers, and I pretty much had a boyfriend throughout high school. I was a little late in getting my drivers license and I hate driving in general...I HATE it. (Don't get me wrong I'd rather drive then walk, but come on I'd rather be driven around then drive myself around...isn't that the dream?)

So, pretty much I grew up, being driven around by either my parents, my boyfriend, a friend or one of my older brothers. I drove, but my driving pretty much consisted of driving myself to a place where I could throw my keys to someone (like the people mentioned above) who would then drive me around in my car. I LOVED it! I was Livin' the DREAM! I was on easy street, even when I went away to college, I kept on livin the dream!! (My roommates were enablers of my sad/awesome behavior) And then one day shortly after my husband and I started dating I mentioned to him in a conversation that my car was low on gas, (mentioning it to him was my sly way of letting him know in hopes that he would fill it up)to which he replied some nonsense about where I should go to fill it up...and here comes the CONFESSION: (finally right?)

I had to tell him that I had to that point NEVER once filled up my own car with gas...I didn't even know how. Yep my friends I was 18, almost 19 years old and not only had I never filled up my own car with gas (which my hubby thinks in itself is my secret shame) I had no idea how to even fill my car up with gas....Not being a team player, the hubs made me go out ALONE to the gas station and with my tail between my legs fill up my car with gas for the first time. Sadly, the first station I stopped at, I couldn't do it and drove crying to the next station where I weirdly watched the guy next to me as he did it and I finally got it.

Was I excited you ask? Did I feel a sense of pride for finally having done it? NO! I'm still mad about it...I had a good streak going.

Fast forward to present time...I still will NOT fill up my car with gas unless it is a dyer emergency. I will shamelessly drive my car on "E" (I know that's really bad for the car) and wait Chris out...he's almost always the one that budges first and man do I LOVE him for it!

So, embarrassing or super awesome?? I'll admit to it being a little of both.

Confession #2: Compared to the first one, this one is pretty boring but it is a little insight into my mind. I am obsessed with Notebooks and Notepads. I buy them everywhere I go, I have never met a notebook I didn't like. I have notebooks in almost every nook and cranny of our apartment. I have one in my purse at all times, and sometimes two. I have 2 notepad apps on my blackberry and one on my tablet. The obsession is pretty bad. Post it notes cover my desk.

I have notebooks stashed every where so that I can jot down a little note where ever I am, without worry. I have a Dream..."that one day I will have a notebook within reach no matter where I am!"

The problem is that I jot down notes in different notebooks all over the house. I have a hard time finding my different notes when I need them, and often I find that I have made the same notes in like 5 different places.

Every now and then I gather up all my little notebook friends and attempt to consolidate my many, many scribbles into one Master Notebook...this lasts like for a day and then I'm back to writing notes everywhere. It's pathetic really, but I love all my little friends. This obsession leads into other obsession that I have like with pens, lists (oh I LOVE lists) and with planners (I weirdly have like 4 going planners that I "schedule" in, but they each have different appointments and calendar reminders in them. Not a one of them is a complete schedule...very unproductive) ...but I'll save that one for another day.

So I asked the Hubster to go around and gather up all of my notebooks for a quick photo shoot to showcase my crazy (Which he did happily) they are are my notebooks

Oh and here's another shot...just for effect.
This isn't even counting the apps that I have downloaded on my "devices." The really sad thing is that these are just the ones he could find...there's more...oh yes there are more...These are what I like to call the "active" notebooks...they're the ones I'm currently favoring, and that get the most attention.

Well, that is it. An insight into me...Two confessions about my life to help you to get to know me a little better. Maybe when we get to know each other a little better I'll share some of those JUICY confessions from my wild past...wall in good time...

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  1. so funny. i remember thinking pumping the gas was so confusing the first time. really, how are you supposed to just know? i guess now they have screens that sort of talk you through it.

    at least you know you are on empty. I'm famous for one time I went running up to our apartment telling my husband to get in the car now b/c i might need him to push me to the gas station. and i've had to be rescued a few times since. oops.


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