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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday

Tuesday, Thursday it's all the same Right?? I swear that one of these days I'm going to get it together!! (At least I pray that I do)

For today's Two-fer Tuesday I thought I would share with you guys two awesome sites to check out! (They are not sponsors, just genuinely awesome sites that I love!)
Okay are you guys into deals? (Who isn't right?) I LOVE deals! To be more specific I love searching for and finding sweet's like a fun little game for me. I'm honestly addicted to deals and deal sites. I especially love those "lazy sites" where you create an account (for free) and the deals come straight to your inbox, what's better than that? I literally am subscribed to or check daily like 30 sites (Seriously I just made a list). I love it!

It's kind of funny, more often then not my "deal steals" are for things that I probably wouldn't have purchased otherwise, but every now and then I do find great" deal steals" for items that I am actually in the market for, and let me say that those purchases are always the most rewarding! Don't get me wrong getting a gorgeous designer purse for 90% of the price is awesome, but it's always more rewarding to save money on those items that I really needed! Although, it's always a little easier for me to justify a "fun" purchase if I can at least tell the hubby that it was a "good deal." He actually loves my deals, I know he does. Truthfully they have benefited him quite nicely a time or two and he's a much snappier dresser because of some of those sweet deals!

There are so many deal sites out there now, and so many awesome blogs whose sole purpose for existing is to find and pass on awesome deals to the masses...(that's US!). And Yay, because today I'm going to pass on to you two of my favorite deal sharing websites/blogs to you!

DISCLAIMER: Beware and proceed at your own risk...Deal Hunting can be very addicting and can actually become very expensive...
and I in know way am to blame if you become an addict like me, because I warned you with this Disclaimer.

First up is Groupon.

If you don't Groupon, you should! Groupon is a site, (if you haven't seen their hilarious commercials) that finds local deals at fantastic prices. You set up an account, pick the location closest to you and every morning there will be a new local deal for you to enjoy! I like Groupon because aside from the local deals, you have the ability to sign up for multiple city locations (I'm subscribed to Ogden, Salt Lake City, Dallas, and Fort Worth) and receive a separate email for each. You can also on your own, scour all the locations on their list and every now and then you'll find a deal that is national! Groupon is my go to site to find sweet pampering deals (massages, mani pedis...). Great deals on sweet yummies (bakeries, local restaurants), and to find coupons to fun family activities, which is a nice way to have a family day on a budget. Have you ever noticed on my Winner Winner What's for Dinner posts, that we go to a lot of local sporting events? That is courtesy of the Sweetest Groupon Deal that I've purchased so far, the "Salt Lake City Pass of All Passes." (This deal is not available on Groupon anymore, but if you scour the internet you can probably find it on another deal site). In a nutshell, we scored season passes to the local water park, on top of a handful of hockey, arena football, MLS soccer, and motor cross events all for $39 a person. Not bad! Definitley check out Groupon if you haven't already!

The second deal site that I want to mention is one of those blogs that does all the work for you, "Freebies 2 Deals."
Melea over at Freebies 2 Deals is amazing and quite simply my hero! She searches all the deal sites, coupon sites, and web deals and compiles them all into a nice little email packed of awesomeness and sends it out to you everyday! She'll tell you the best deals of the week for local and national grocery stores, what coupons to use and how, the best web deals for the day, and where to go to score some sweet freebies! She's based in Utah, but most if not all of her deals are national deals, which is awesome! I love waking up in the morning and checking out what Melea has in store for me!

Well, there you go two great deal sites to check out! Seriously, check them out today, they are truly AWESOME, and I promise you will find some sweet "Deal Steals" of your very own!

Remember the Disclaimer and happy Deal Hunting!

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