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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing Hookie-Girly Flapper Cloche

New Girly Flapper Cloche!
So I'm playing a little hookie this weekend, trying to make something new for a change. It seems like the last few weeks I've had orders to fill, which I LOVE, (don't get me wrong and keep them coming!!!), but it sure is nice to get out my hooks and create something new! It really is like therapy for me! I am always a happier gal when I can pull out my yarn and my hooks and hook up something pretty!

This morning, I decided that I wanted to make something a little different than the normal hats I have in the shop. I also decided that I wanted to use some of this Caron Simply Soft Plum yarn that I love but have yet to use (courtesy of Walmart). It has such a rich, deep color that I decided to pair it with a lighter more subtle yarn and opted for this Cream Tweed. I busted out my F and H hooks and got to hookin'.
Here's what I started with...
A few hours, an impromptu photo shoot, and a little editing later, here's my newest little lovely...
What do you think?
(Seriously, I'd love to hear your comments)!

I know that I'm not supposed to play favorites, but I gotta say this little cutie is at the top of my list! I'm digging the vintage flapper vibe, and loving the flirty, playfulness of the over-sized brim! The colors ended up working great together (thank goodness), and I threw in a little extra bling, to the center of the flower because what girl couldn't use some extra BLING?

Be on the lookout for this little beauty in the shop very soon!

Have a great weekend, check back often, and as always..Happy Hooking!

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