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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday: Two Favorite Things

It's Two-fer Tuesday! Actually on a Tuesday!!

Do you hear the angels singing?? I do have to figure out how this feed works from feedburner though because unless you happen to visit the blog today, I know it wont send out until tomorrow...lame. If anyone knows the specifics on that, please do share!

So for today's Two-fer I thought it would be fun to share two of my FAVORITE things!!! YAY! Unlike Oprah's favorite things however, I will not be giving them to the audience...sad...but know that I would if I could!! I am thinking that a giveaway sounds fun though, so be on the lookout for that!!!

My two favorite things for today, I realized as I was preparing for this post happen to be crochet huh? One is a buy and one is DIY, and I'm a poet and didn't even know it (WOW, that was lame, even for me). But here they are:

In case the picture wasn't totally self explaining, this is a crochet hook holder/carrying case!

I was buying hooks one happy day at good ole Walmart, and stumbled upon this beauty! It was so very needed, and a giant step up from the Ziplock bag that I had been previously using as my hook holder. It was fairly cheap, I believe $8 (it's been a while), it's made by my favorite brand of hooks (Boyle) and best of all it's PINK! Love it! I love that it holds; all my hooks, my scissors, tape measure, a pen, a pad of post it notes, my stitch/row markers, (last two are not shown in the picture...they were currently in use), and that it conveniently zips up so that I don't lose all of those loose items!!

I crochet a lot on the go, in the car at dance, and soccer practice, while we go on long drives (I'm not the one driving don't worry), and I take all my goodies when we travel, so the fact that it zips up and is so convenient to throw in my crochet basket and go is awesome to me!!

Seriously if you are a hookin gal like myself you've got to get one of these! It will change your life! Maybe not change, but it will make your life that much more awesome!

This one might need a little explanation. So my hubby is very super supportive of all my crafty endeavors, when we first got married I would crochet while he played X-box, or watched TV, we'd sit together on the couch and I would throw him my skein of yarn for him to pull as I crocheted along my merry little way...It was a thing of Beauty!! The teamwork was amazing!

Fast forward almost 9 years, and for Valentine's Day (which is not a big holiday in these parts...per my choice but another story for another day) this was one of the gifts I got.

If you can't tell by the picture, the hubster put his mighty carpentry skills to good use to in fact replace himself in my crochet creating process. Yep that's right folks, this baby pulls my yarn as I crochet!!

I can only deduce from this wonderful gift that somewhere in those 9 years, when the crocheting "hobby" didn't die, but in fact grew...the hubster got tired of pulling my yarn...LUCKILY for him I LOVE this gift! It's been fantastic! The reality is that I do a lot of my crocheting when the hubby isn't around and since I couldn't get the kids to stay and pull my yarn for me for more than 5 seconds this gift has been great!

are the days of punishing my kids by making them sit and pull my yarn (yea that happened), GONE are the days of throwing my yarn across the room to unravel it, and GONE are the days of pulling my own yarn like a sucker!

So basically it has a dowel on the end, I get my yarn, separate the middle to create an opening, stick the yarn on the dowel and TA DA! As I crochet, the yarn just unravels as I go...and I'm one happily, lazy gal!

The only issue I have is that it's not pretty enough for me...I guess the hubs didn't get the PINK memo, but it's nothing I can't handle...and BAM! I just threw down a challenge to myself to tackle that bad boy and bring it up to par! Any ideas on what I should do? Bling? Yarn? Paint? Hmmmm...the possibilities....

So there you have it folks, two of my FAVORITE things!

I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday!

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