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Monday, April 18, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday-Two Confessions

I've got a confession, well two confessions to be exact.

It almost hurts me to say them out loud, or rather to write them out publicly, but in the spirit of sharing here goes...

1. I can not sew...I know, I know it's shocking, it shocks me to this day, but yes it sadly is true...I can not sew to save my life! (I'm so ashamed).
(This is Sew Zone!)

This is a fact that is extraordinarily pathetic since:

A. I have a crafting blog

B. I have a Mother who is a Master Sewer! (AMAZINGLY good...Really!!)
C. My boyfriend in high school was a magnificent sewer as well who often sewed me up some wonderful presents and on occasion tried to give me a lesson or two of which I was having none of due to the fact that...

Confession #2: I am stubborn as a MULE!!
(Yep that's me!)

Just call me "G...the amazingly Stubborn Mule" I'll probably turn around...(I might have a tear in my eye but only because I know it's true).

Turns out I don't like to do things that I don't already know how to do (weird thought), if it doesn't come naturally to me I want no part of it...I'm stubborn that way. That aside I have a MAJOR problem learning from other people in general because my mind is a crazy place (my learning process is weird) and when people try to explain things to me and I can't wrap my head around it on the first go around (I'm also impatient), my frustration gets the better of me and I'm done. (did I mention I'm not perfect??)

I'm a learner, I love to learn and I love to teach (my dream), I've always come to school easily, never had a problem taking direction from my teachers (for the most part) most likely because most teachers try to incorporate a variety of learning styles into they way they teach (the mark of a great teacher in my book).

My stubbornness in learning comes in to play when I'm trying to learn something from someone (usually super close to me i.e. my mom or hubby) who doesn't teach to me the way my mind works and being an amazingly stubborn mule I give up before they can teach me.

My stubbornness is double sided however. On one side I'm too stubborn to learn from others, but on the other side I'm too stubborn to not learn it at all. Too stubborn to let anything get the better of me! That is how I came to realize that I like to self learn!

I know the way around the crazy maze in my head better than anyone else so for me independent study is the way to go!! It's served me well indeed! It earned me 2 minors in college, most of my bachelors and is currently the road in which I am pursuing my Master's degree. It's how I learned most of my crocheting and other various crafting skills (minus sewing), how I learned blog and website design, cooking and baking, and other various skills.

And it is how I plan to tackle SEWING!!
(minus the 1000 calls to my mommy)

Truth be told I can sew a straight line...if it's a short straight line. I have sewn a pillow or two in my day, and I did try my hand at some burp cloths a while back, but that is the extend of my sewing prowess.

I resolved to learn a while back, I was going to teach myself (being that I'm a stubborn mule incapable of learning from others)...I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I was all ready to make it happen...

Instead I got preggers and moved half way across the country. And as these things often go, life got crazy with three little ones under 3 and I never really found the time.

Then of course when I am finally ready to get it done...My sewing machine was stolen in what I'm now referring to as the "Great Summer Caper of 2010." (It's now earned the title "Great Caper" because still to this day I am realizing more and more things that were stolen feels like being robbed over and over fun!)

Luckily for me, I have a great Mother in law with a fairly new sewing machine and no reason to sew...I have for now inherited it as my own until I can get a new one.

Luckily for me and you all, (I fought it there I wanted to say y'all but I didn't),I have a wonderful mother who would do anything for me...including sewing up wonderful goodies for my shop and then shipping them to me all the way from Texas (with love of course).

It's happening's been long enough...the shame ends today!

I even found myself a mantra for when I start to get amazingly stubborn...
I'm thinking I need to print this out and have it next to me as I begin my sewing adventure!

Does anyone have a good book they could recommend to teach me the basics? Small projects I could start out with?? I'd love to hear from you fabulous sewers out there??

So yea that's a little bit more about me...hopefully I haven't scared you off...

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  1. I'm sure Joann's has a book, I think it's by singer or something. I'm pretty sure it will teach you most of the basics. Just remember, there is more than one right way to do things. if you end up with what you want in the end, that's all that matters (well, besides the fact that it looks good and doesn't fall apart, lol)
    I pretty much taught myself to sew because my family is far away and I need to be able to read directions and have repetition which isn't possible in sewing classes usually.
    Also, a wise woman once told me, a pattern is just a guide, so if it doesn't look just like the picture, who cares?

  2. Dana you are not only wise, but you are officially my hero! Thanks for the encouragement! I will be hitting Joann's soon!


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