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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playing Hookie-Mary Jane Booties

My week has been crazy busy! I have no idea what I was thinking signing up 3 of the kids for soccer at the same time when I have a hubby who works nights and can't always be there to help me out!! (Crazy move on my part but I'm LOVING it!)
Luckily, I have some how managed to get in a little hookin' this week which has been much needed!!!!
This project came about in my efforts to diversify and expand the lines in the store. I decided to finally finish up this product that's been in my crochet basket for a while. I had yet to try any type of baby booties, it's been a project that has intimidated me for some time now...but no more I say...NO MORE!! I decided to give them a go, but opted to go for a different kind of bootie than the norm.
So I gathered up my supplies for this project...

An H hook, D hook, gray, light pink and rose yarn (a variety of brands), and I got to work...

and here's how they turned out...
These booties are more of a Mary Jane type of style. I think they turned out okay for my first go at them...thoughts??

Keep your eyes peeled for these darlings to make their appearance in the store...hopefully this weekend!
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