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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silhouette Adventures-Soccer Mom

It's official! I am a SOCCER MOM!

With 3 of my 4 little monkeys playing soccer this Spring I am fully engulfed in the soccer mom way of life! I am pretty much living out of my car at this point (at least Tuesdays & Thursdays), and for the most part I'm LOVING it! If I could only find a way to equip my car with a fridge stocked with cherry cokes I'd be in heaven!!
I come from a soccer loving, soccer playing, soccer watching family, and I've been waiting for this day since my first baby was born!! There was a time growing up when I think almost all 5 of my siblings and I were playing soccer at the same time (give or take one or two) Momma was the ultimate Soccer Mom...she's forever my HERO! We LIVED at the soccer fields and I don't know how she did it with all the practices and games...I'm saying she's amazing!

I decided that since I'm full out embracing the "Soccer Mom" thing because who are we kidding it's AWESOME that it was time to properly outfit the minivan...aka the green monster as the true Soccer Mobile that it is!

So, naturally I busted out the Silhouette and my vinyl and got to work!

The Silhouette store being one of the awesomest places ever of course already had a soccer ball shape with the words Soccer Mom, which I slightly tweaked to fit my fancy and I ended up with this bad boy.
And because that wasn't enough to fit my crafty mood I went back to the Silhouette store and found myself some awesome stick people decals (which I've been coveting on other people's cars...too cute!) and check us out as a happy, soccer stick figure family!
Ha ha...LOVING IT!
So here's the Green Monster Before:
And here's the Soccer Mobile After:
An improvement I'd say!
I got these bad boys on the van today just as we were heading out to soccer, so ya you better believe we got to the games in style!

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