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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Baby!!

Can I just say that I am LOVING this week! The kids are out of school for Spring Break, there's no dance class this week, no soccer practices, NOTHING! I'm free this week and I'm dancing I'm so excited!! I've claimed this Spring Break as my own, it's mine and I'm doing what I want!!

Yesterday morning I cleaned the apartment...

Not so glamorous...lame actually but it freed me up to later in the evening start a new project that is a little time consuming and a bit of a challenge so I've put it off, but Baby I've got time now so I'm DOING IT! It's's happening!

Today was awesome, I cleaned a little more, organized which you know I love, and then hung out with my bestest best friend in the whole world, my B.F.F. if you will, who I don't get to hang out with nearly enough!

Yay for BFF's!!

I've got BIG plans for tomorrow! I'm working on my new project, finishing up one I started like a month ago, and starting two new ones! I'm also thinking there will be a craft project with the kiddies involved which I'm planning on having a tutorial for!!! So excited for tomorrow I almost want to go to bed now so that it comes faster!! (and saying that I totally felt like I was 6 again!)

Thursday is going to be equally awesome (I'm hoping) I'm going to work on projects all day, do laundry because I have to, and work on an organization living room update for you guys because I didn't forget and I have been working on it! I promise! I've also got some more fun goodies to do with the kiddies, which I will of course share!

Friday we are having some Easter fun...

Hopefully we will also be hanging out with friends, and I'm hoping to debut some of those projects I have been working on all week!

I'm exhausted just thinking about the awesomeness in store for MY SPRING BREAK!!

Is it Spring Break where you are?? What are you're plans? Please share!!

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