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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silhouette Adventures-Easter Basket Fun

Despite the snow, or the rain, or the cold temps, it's SPRING and Easter is fast approaching! I saw this super fun twist on the Easter basket, and decided I'd give it a try. Besides I was just itching for a reason to play with my Silhouette!

So here's what the amazing Kierste over at Brown Paper Packages created, that I LOVED!
However as I mentioned she is amazing, and sadly as I dragged myself from Target to Target (yea like that was a sacrifice) it quickly became apparent that I was not the only one in Love with this idea. I hit a total of 3 Targets only to find that each was sold out of these pails.
Oh no, correction each store had one lonely pail left on the shelf which would have been fine if they weren't all the same color and if that color wasn't Pink.

I was feeling a bit defeated until I decided to stroll down the Easter isle to pick up my Easter candy (and not procrastinate for once), and I stumbled on these little beauties!
How cute are these pails??
I actually think I like these a tad better, though they cost slightly more, besides I found I was really digging the fun designs and lively Spring colors of these pails!

Aslo, they are a little bigger which is good for the Easter gifts I have in mind for this year. I don't load up their baskets, but I do like to think out of the box and pick gifts that are a little different. More educational or hands on for example. I like to go for things that aren't just stuff. They have enough stuff.
(Ha, don't get me wrong I do throw in some goodies here and there).

I let the kiddos pick out their pails, and vinyl color choice just to give it that little extra personalization touch.
With pails in hand, I gathered up all my vinyl and got to work.
I found a cute font and some fun Easter shapes, after about half an hour of work here's my finished Easter Pails!
Of course a butterfly for Bean.
A little Easter Chick for my chick magnet Landon.
An Easter bunny for my little Momma.
And a fun egg for Carson.
In the pics the names are a little harder to read but, all in all I think they turned out pretty cute,and most importantly they did get the kiddo seal of approval.
Now I'm just having a hard time getting them to leave the pails alone until Easter...I think I'm going to have to hide them early...

Here's the before once again...just in case you forgot (because I'm so looong winded)

and here's the after...
So I'm curious, what kinds of Easter gifts does the Easter bunny typically leave at your house??

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