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Monday, April 18, 2011

We're Going Digital-Family Rules

Okay Folks WE ARE GOING DIGITAL...Finally!
Don't be alarmed....I just mean that this post is digitally related!

Check out my latest Digital Project!

Are all of you engulfed in the Digital Scrapbooking craze?
I have to admit that I'm a little bit of a latecomer to this phase...I'm a traditional scrapbooker at heart and I have to confess that I was intimidated by the digital aspect of it all.
I am not by any means a computer whiz and I also like to be able to touch and smell what I'm working on (is that weird? It's the smell part that was weird huh?) So "going digital" was a little hard for me to wrap my head around.
I did finally give in though when I came across some pretty cool projects that I wanted to make my own so I talked the hubby into buying me the software (I can be very persuasive and the hubby is a major pushover!)

It took a little getting used to and a few tutorials to figure out what I was doing, but I LOVE it! I haven't done any real major scrapbooking as of yet, but I've used my digi scrap software a ton to create many different projects around our house! It is fantastic!

My latest project the Family Rules is just one of those projects that can be found in our house.
It seemed to be the case as of late that the "rules" had been forgotten and chaos was ruling all!
The hubs and I finally had enough.

We often like to gear our Family Home Evenings at the beginning of the month toward a value or lesson we feel our home needs. Often those revolve around issues we feel the kids need to learn or be reminded of. In this case we decided to gear it toward Family which encompassed respect, the family unit and each members role to making a happy home...honoring their Mother and Father and all that good stuff.

As part of the lesson we went over Our Family Rules and what each one meant, as well as the consequences and rewards that went with them. To make it easy I made a Family Rules visual aid, had it printed and laminated and displayed where the kids can see it and I can remind them often what those rules and expectations are.
It's actually been quite helpful for me to point to the rules (which is conveniently located next to their behavior chart and timeout spot) and remind them of those rules when they get a little too mischievous.
They actually like to remind each other of those rules quite often. Usually one likes to remind the other as they are breaking a rule, and usually that reminding comes loud and when mommy is in earshot....(Kids will be kids I guess).

Any who, I like to share so I thought I would!
You should, if I haven't totally messed this up, (which would be surprising) be able to click on the Family Rules Picture, download, print and laminate your own copy!

These are Rules that pertained to our house, but yours may be different, so it may not work for your home (If I could I would customize each of you one of your very own...but that might be crazy). Number 5 is my favorite one (of course) and number 9 I wish didn't have to be a rule but seems to be an issue in our house sometimes (besides potty training issues, my boys seem to think that outside is nature's bathroom). But if it does work for you download away baby!!

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