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Monday, April 25, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday

YAY! It's Two-fer Tuesday!!!

Today I thought it would be fun to Share two of my favorite things with you!
Are you excited?

Probably not as excited as I am because well they are my favorite things after all!

But seriously get ready because you're in store for some special treats and there may or may not (there so totally is) a Bonus recipe in this post (and man it's a doozy)!!

Favorite thing #1: Anybody and Everybody who knows me at all knows that there is one thing that I am addicted to, one thing that my life revolves around (aside from my kids and the hubster of course). One thing that fuels my existence...


Oh I love me some Cherry Coke, or regular coke...but these day's it's cherry coke that's got my heart.

Okay first of all it's amazingly tasty I mean come on!

Second have you seen the can...IT'S PINK!

I love it's smooth and soothing deliciousness, especially after a hard day! I try to reserve myself to having just one a day, sometimes (after one of those days) I'll have two to calm my nerves, but man it never fails to take me to my happy place.
I'm having one right now as I write this and I gotta say...I'm one happy blog writing gal!

Favorite thing #2: Scotcheroos!

Okay if you haven't had a Scotcheroo...SHAME ON YOU!
Click the fantastically delicious link and make yourself up a batch TODAY!
Probably one of my all time favorite TREATS!! They make me so very happy!
They are like Rice Krispy Treats but like a kagillion (yea I pulled that one out) times better! Hello they are literally covered in butterscotch chocolate!
Not only are they super delish, but they are also super easy to make and so very worth the extra work out you'll have to do after you eat the whole plate!

Disclaimer: Do Not eat the entire plate in one WILL get a tummy ache.
(Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Well my friends, there you have it...I'm a simple girl from Texas...the way to my heart is relatively easy...a Cherry Coke and a Scotcheroo and I'm putty in your hands!

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